Susannah Hubert


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Susannah was a broker with C.T. Bowring Re, Berisford Mocatta, Harris & Dixon and Greig Fester – starting in claims but placing non-marine Fac for much of her career. Her father, Peter Hubert, was a Lloyd’s aviation underwriter – and chairman of the LAUA in the 80s. Her husband and one of her sons, both work for Aon. Susannah has been responsible for running the Lloyd’s Art Group since 2007. It is one of two large annual projects with which she is involved – the other being the Dorset Opera Festival. In between times, she enjoys creating large format art starting with photography as a basis. She has exhibited in London including in Shepherd’s Market, Mayfair, The Oxo Tower Bargehouse, in Prague and regularly with Dorset Art Weeks open studios. The homes of Boris Johnson and actor Neil Morrisey are both graced by Susannah’s photographs.