Surinder Beerh


Email | 07841 761527

I trained as a chartered accountant in the City and joined Lloyd’s Broker Fieldings in 1980 as a finance director. After mergers I became Managing Director of Heath Lambert International and eventually CEO of Colemont. Retiring in 2010, I eventually took up art in 2012, having always had an interest but never the time. I started an evening class in 2012 at a local village school in Cambridgeshire and fell in love immediately. I tried oils and acrylics but what I love is watercolour. It surprises me each time I apply it to paper. Never ending results appear out of nowhere. Quite amazing. My subjects are mainly marine based – boats, ships, harbours, estuaries and beaches. I also love landscapes and cityscapes. I’m a member of Cambridge Drawing Society, Lloyd’s Art Group, Hemingford Art Club and St Ives Art Group. I love the works of Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Chien Chung Wei, Ian McManus and many other UK painters. What I have learnt from these painters is draw, draw and practice everyday. The brush mileage is the most important thing. Every day is a challenge.