Robert Daniel


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Best Newcomer at Lloyd’s of London Art Exhibition 2013, my connection to Lloyd’s is by way of my employment with the Lloyd’s Broker, Thompson Heath and Bond during the 1970s. Having been an insurance broker turned grain trader for my career, I now describe myself as a ceramic sculptor specialising in alternative representation and bacchanalia. My work has progressed through figurative charcoal/ink drawing and oil on canvas to working in clay which provides the necessary vehicle for evolving three dimensional representations. By employing various sculptural techniques followed by the many methods of glazing, my work has moved in some interesting directions. From tiles through to three dimensional figures, my recent works have included Lovelocks des Arts, Lancaster Bombers, Lloyd’s Plimsolliners, 1908 Brockley Monoplanes and Beach Huts. All of these have employed various glazing techniques and kiln proof transfers.