Philippa Plato-Beale

Oil | Watercolour | Acrylic

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Born 1946 in Winchester, Beale began her career exhibiting with Annely Juda Fine Art. In 1978 Collected from There at Angela Flowers ran concurrently with Collected from Here at the Acme Gallery, subsequently shown at the Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh. She hit the headlines in 1980 in Women’s Images of Men at the ICA, followed by Baby Love reviewed by Waldemar Januszczak in the Guardian. In 1985 she exhibited Children in Peril When Love Dies as a giant billboard in the Old Kent Road and continued to exhibit her banal cultural icons Rough and Smooth at Angela Flowers, and His Ears are Small and Neat at Akumalatory Gallery, Poland. In 1990s Beale, devoted more of her energy to video-making, producing 11 minutes in Leicester Square and Art School, both shown on the giant video screen in Leicester Square. Developing archival sound and dialogue, she went on to produce From Wilson to Callaghan, Conceptual Art Practice 1964-79, screened at the ICA in 1996. That year Beale was also elected President of The London Group. Philippa’s son was, until very recently, an underwriter with CNA Hardy.