Kate Leahy


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I first became interested in painting while studying for my Art History degree. I was mesmerised by the skill of Leonardo, technique of Titian and Veronese, sentiment of the Impressionists and bright, bold colours of the Fauves. Inspired by the great masters, I have taken up painting as a hobby.  My painting has largely been influenced by my love of nature and travel and the desire to capture that moment when I am happiest. I am moved by the beauty that surrounds us and seek new inspiration from British nature as well as abroad. I particularly love beach and coastal scenes and enjoy captivating the energy of the water and the ever changing sky.  The sense of connection with nature is best represented when painting en plein air, however I also feed back fresh experiences into my studio work. I strive to create rich and vibrant oil paintings with broad brushstrokes and texture that celebrate nature. Kate’s sister Iryna works for Liberty Mutual.