Jo Wright

Bronze | Oil | Arylic | Wood

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As far as my memories will carry me, I have been around horses. They captured my fascination completely when I was 3 and have been the perfect muse for my creativity. Though I now concentrate on bringing up a family and sculpting, my previous career was in equine insurance…a way to combine my passion with business life. I now live in the USA but spend summers in the UK. My sculpture evolves constantly and the inclusion of American hardwoods as part of the sculpture has been extremely satisfying. The base is part of the sculpture and adds to the texture and interest of each piece. Each sculpture is subject to a staggering number of hours of work which, on occasion, has taken years to complete. The wood used in my bases is found in canyons, swamps and forests in many parts of the USA…woods like red cedar, oak, juniper and, my favourite, mesquite. The bronze elements are highly detailed and traditional in style. I am exploring more interpretive styling and continually searching for innovative ways to create. My work is displayed in various galleries in the USA and through my website. Jo worked for QBE. Her sister Caroline is a senior underwriter with Hartford .