Jackie Webb

Watercolour | Acrylic | Pen & wash 

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Jackie Webb has been an artist all her life and worked in 2D and 3D art using many media. Continuously developing new artistic ideas, her pictures may be sparked off by anything from a newspaper article to a spectacular sunset. Her recent works are in watercolour, ink and also acrylic. Using a very wet technique she creates subtly merged colours and sharp contrasting edges which characterise her distinctive style. Her pictures are windows which open into imagination inviting us to another world, a calm and happy place of warmth and freedom, where the natural scenes and creatures we know so well take on new and magical forms and colours. The images range from almost realistic birds and animals to highly impressionist landscapes and even evocations of favourite classical composers. Some are monochromes but most involve vibrant colours, a bold image and detailed background. Jackie’s son Tom is a property risk engineer at Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance.