Eliana Parra Rodriguez


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Eliana Parra Rodriguez (B. 1980, Venezuela) is an artist based in London since 2003. In her artistic journey she has explored etching, ceramics, painting and recently watercolour has become her new passion. Growing up in a farm in the Venezuelan Lowlands, nature is her main source of inspiration. Her use of colour is intense giving us glimpses of her origins. She plays with colour harmonies and contrasts to create a dual play with the viewer inviting us to have a sense of atmospheric space. Her watercolours seduce us with their pigmentation, fluidity and transparency capturing moods and emotions through light and shadow. Always fascinated by water, a visit to the Scottish Highlands brought a re-dimension of what is often a bleak and bucolic landscape.

Eliana is a Senior Reinsurance Claims Adjuster at Everest Re.