Andrew Bruce-Lockhart

Film | Photography

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I’m a photographer & film maker living in Sevenoaks. I used to work as a Trainer at Catlin. I then moved onto contracting for 2 years at Chubb Insurance and I’m now training lead at Egress. We do email and data security, working with various markets in the city, including insurers such as Hiscox. I exhibited some photos at two (and a short spoof nature film at 1) of these wonderful Lloyd’s Art exhibitions and am very excited to see this online version this year.  Here are two of my short films, produced in lock down. ‘Tape’ was written as a comedy monologue for an LA actors group. ‘Dryad’ is a spoof horror documentary, shot as a test piece for a new camera, mixed with some drone shots I’d taken from around Sevenoaks.