January - March 2021 : Exhibition at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery, Casemates Square, Gibraltar
A joint event with the Fina Art Association of Gibraltar. The theme is Trees, Rocks and Water and we have invited artists from the famous Arborealist Group, London Urban group and the Society of Graphic Fine Artists to join us, providing the Spanish and Gibraltarian audience with a range of figurative artists working in the UK. The exhibition will be opened by Stephen Linares, Minister of Culture at which the First Minister Fabian Picarbia hopes to be present. This event will also an excellent networking opportunity for insurers and associated companies. This event will continue our support for the charitable work of the Coombe Trust and will kindly be sponsored by Aon. Other support is welcome from those interested in advertising in our commemorative catalogue. Contact curator with all enquiries.

October 19th - 23rd AUTUMN EXHIBITION 2020

October 21st - 25th : AUTUMN EXHIBITION 2019  AT LLOYD’S


October 22nd – 26th: AUTUMN EXHIBITION 2018 AT LLOYD’S

1st November  FROM THE ROCK TO THE CITY  Exhibition open house invitation
17:00-19:00, 106 Leadenhall Street EC3A 4AA
EC3\Legal support a joint venture for the Lloyd’s Art Group and Gibraltar Fine Arts Society who unite in the spirit of cultural exchange.
Join us and meet our 2 UK resident artists Philippa Beale, a renowned Arborealist (the art of the tree) who has also lived in Gibraltar; Les Williams, 'one of the leading pen and wash water-colourist in the country' and to welcome our two guest artists from Gibraltar - Karl Ullger, whose work will depict London, and Paul Cosquieri, whose painting is influenced and defined by him growing up beside the rock.   All enquiries and to RSVP


November 14th - into 2018 ART AT THE BROKERS – XMAS SALE
A new exhibition of selected Lloyd’s artists opens at the Brokers Wine Bar, Leadenhall Market, featuring artists Les Williams Alice White Pau Ling Yap Nick Martin Wendy Winfield Chris Owens Matt Cocklin Richard Lord Len Allison Marion Wilcocks Claire Swindale Linda Jensen

October 2017 to March 2018: ART AT EC3 LEGAL
Exhibition of new artwork in the offices of EC3 Legal LLP featuring Raphael Pepper, Sandra Wroe, Chris Plato, Jackie Devereux and Alice White

October 26th 2017 : ART AT EC3 LEGAL
17:00-19:00 PV party in the offices of EC3 Legal LLP to introduce a new exhibition of work and to coincide with the Autumn Exhibition at Lloyd’s

October 23–27 2017 : AUTUMN EXHIBITION 2017 AT LLOYD’S

July 11th 2017: ART AT THE BROKERS
A new exhibition of selected artists opens at the Brokers Wine Bar, Leadenhall Market

April – October 2017: ART AT EC3 LEGAL
Exhibition in the offices of EC3\Legal LLP, 106 Leadenhall Street