Graham Smith

Most of my inspiration and reference comes essentially from two sources: nature and the interpretations of the human mind.
For me, painting is the way of getting what is on the inside, out - something that I often find hard to do with words. It is a perfect outlet for my expression and vision of the world whether that be the outer world or the inner world.
Painting is about capturing a unique moment in time, no scene is ever quite the same as it was, either it changes during the day due to the movement of the sun or it changes over a season. Nature can often look chaotic with saplings growing next to rotting pieces of wood and yet there is still a sense of underlying order to it all. I don't look for an accurate reflection of the scene but more the feeling and impression of it.
I’m continually exploring how our conditioning affects how we interpret the world. Each of us sees the world in a unique way. No one can see thing in exactly the same way as another person. Therefore, our state of mind often influences how we interpret a scene.




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