Helen Sandi-Edwards

Helen Sandi-Edwards

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia, in the heart of South America. I live in London, England, recently I graduated from my third year of Fine Art, BA at East London University.
I am influenced by nature and cultural circumstances. My work is expressed through different processes and colours with the aim to produce work that is thought provoking with a sense of space.
I am currently experimenting with different methods of printing, such as screen prints, etching and block printing. I am looking for movement within the various tones of paints, a mixture of dark and light colours.
I make sculptures exploring movement and balance, currently working in bronze, using lost-wax casting.
My paintings are expressed in different materials and techniques, I enjoy to layer and find tones or textures that convey my thoughts.

Helen worked for Broker Gil & Carvajal and her husband works for Bishopsgate Insurance Brokers

Email: helen@sandi-edwards.com

Phone: 07943 331683

Website: http://helen.sandi-edwards.com