Nicola Osborne

After being involved in teaching for twenty years, it was time for a change. The skills and techniques I had spent so long carefully teaching others to do, were in need of self-expression.

My stimulus is nature and in particular shape and form in nature. Painting ephemeral dandelion clocks, allow me to investigate metaphors involved in natures’ design, strengths and fragility. Their beauty belies the fact that they are ”weeds”. The circles and spheres of the gossamer like seed head of the dandelion has allowed me to examine washes of colour, investigating transparency and opacity I am intrigued with the circle’s dynamic sense of movement and change. This has accelerated my development into the semi-abstract. However I am still interested in the more formal qualities of depicting the world around us and have not totally left the more representational world behind.

It is with excitement that I have taken up the challenge of expressing my feelings and thoughts in paint again. I hope that this joy is reflected in the work that I am producing.




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