Matt Northmore

I studied Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art and Winchester School of Art. I also spent three months at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris; during which time I traversed the city extensively, writing, sketching and recording.

The work I produce is informed and influenced by human interaction and cities. My current work reflects my fascination with the infrastructure, aesthetics and language of the city from the minutiae to the grandiose, the shadows and the light. I am as interested in the human interactions as of those of buildings, signs and technologies; of the surface and what lies beneath. Human traces, glimpses of partially hidden scenes, patterns, grids and layers of sound have all shaped my images. I have always worked in a variety of media with a firm foundation in drawing and painting. My work is both figurative and abstract as best befits my response to the subject.



Phone: 07968 692322