Nick Matthews

I studied Art through to GCSE and A level but also enjoyed it as a hobby. I had to choose between studying Art or Design and Technology at this point and I chose the latter as a faster route to employment. I studied Industrial Design at Brunel University and have been teaching Design and Technology in a rural Suffolk prep school for 12 years, however I have never lost interest in Art and would have loved to pursue it professionally. My favourite mediums are Oils and Acrylics as I tend to work in a fast and free manner – it makes a wonderful change from being constricted in technical drawings! I enjoy painting landscapes as well as animals but I find the latter is my current interest; I am particularly inspired by the artist John Marshall. I have only recently started to exhibit my work as most of it has been given away to friends and family – I find it very hard to build up a collection without it being eroded somehow or other! Art is, of course, subjective and as such I hesitate to offer ‘pet portraits’ in fear of offending the owner, however I am always willing to try.



Phone: 07876 210649