Nick Martin

Nick Martin

I joined Lloyd's insurance broker J.H.Minet in 1963 and worked in the marine market as a broker for over forty very enjoyable years, finally retiring in 2005. As a boy I had been given a painting by numbers set and later, as a teenager, discovered being a little artistic not unhelpful when trying to impress young women.

A friend in Lloyd's introduced me to Reg Lymon, a retired policeman and great character, who had begun a second carrear as a Lloyd's broker. Reg was involved in the newly formed Lloyd's Art Club and, for a number of years, I exhibited pictures in those early Lloyd's art shows. There then followed a forty year gap but, on nearing retirement and a shorter working week, I began to take art lessons at my local college, then joining the Southend Art Club and eventually rejoining the Lloyd's Art Group.

My lifelong hobby has been sailing largely on the East coast and Thames Estuary and this is very much reflected in my paintings which are mostly of marine subjects. I always preferred oil to water colour and, more recently, acrylics. I find drawing a little tedious and prefer to try to capture the mood and movement of the subjects. Happy painting. Nick Martin



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