Lex Heiner

As a child, I was challenged to draw and paint the beautiful illustrations which I saw in children's magazines. Compliments worked as a huge boost in a continuous process of training to improve my skills and to develop creative thinking.
The creation of a painting or sculpture starts mostly with a rough idea which becomes more and more a life of its own during the construction. Acrylic paint is because of its thickness and the rapid drying a nice medium to work with. By creating overlapping layers stunning beautiful effects are appearing , while changes and additions remain possible. Because of these nice properties I’m able to build a painting.
The underpainting is extremely important. This determines already largely what kind of atmosphere the painting will get, hot, cold, gloomy, dark or cheerful.
By using large brushes, palette knife or my fingers I force myself to move away from a detailed record of an idea. By working this way the connection with the picture and spontaneity increases enormously. More and more I have the need to illustrate through my paintings how I see the changing society. That is my ambition. Lex is a fine arts underwriter.



Phone: + 31 651060073

Web: picasaweb.google.com/lexheiner