Elly Hadijipateras

Elly Hadijipateras

I have been drawing and painting from a very young age but it is only in the last ten years that I have been working on my art full time. I specialise in oil and do mainly figurative and still life. I also do a great number of commissioned portraits, often of children and families. I am fascinated by the effect of light and shadow and how these can make a painting come alive.

For my portraits I usually spend a large amount of time with the sitters making sketches and taking a huge number of photographs. Then, in the studio, I do studies of various poses and, together with the client, choose the best one. The painting process can take up to three months as I often work on a large scale. I have received very little formal training apart from a 12-month diploma course at Chelsea School of Art and have basically taught myself.


Email: elly.hadjipateras@sky.com

Phone: 07836 777900

Web: www.ellyh.co.uk