John Gregory

I started painting in oils in 1964 and entered a painting in the Lloyd's Art Group exhibition in that year. It was a 'pointillist' piece and it sold! The then chairman of the Lloyd’s Art Group, David Dubarry, said to me, 'Now you know what to do'. Needless to say, I have never attempted a pointillist work again!

My work is representational and old fashioned and the subjects are usually landscapes or seascapes with occasional paintings of cities or buildings. It has always been a hobby of great joy or frustration, similar to my other passion – golf.

Some success has been achieved and I currently have two paintings in the Hawker Gallery, Old Amersham. My painting hero is Edward Seago (1910 - 1974), an East Anglian artist whose work seems increasingly sought after.



Phone: 01923 269351