Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs

Mark’s artwork is concerned with the preciousness of life. It is influenced by history, environmentalism, shamanism and ancient artefacts.
He paints and makes sculpture.
Animals, ships, commemorative vessels and horsemen all appear in his sculptures. These subjects have become intertwined resulting in contemplative poetic objects.
The animals are built from the skeleton outwards using thousands of wire strands, in a creative process which mirrors some shamanic traditions. Their form suggests trauma, or perhaps that they are otherworldly guardian spirits.
In 2014 Mark won a major commission to make artworks for a touring exhibition about the contemporary significance of the First World War.
He has been included in the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition 5 times. In 2016 he won the Cumbrian Open Competition.
Mark has exhibited internationally, in London and in his adopted home county, Cumbria.  Mark's father was a broker with Butcher Robinson & Staples


Searching for the Colour Khaki Cavalry Scout British Indian Army 1918 Middle East


Phone: 07780 673337