Jackie Garner

Wildlife encounters are my inspiration. Observation and sketches reveal the subject’s appearance and character. I’m open to the fleeting or unexpected: a moment of humour, a colour combination, the fall of light. The relationship between subject and environment, seen through repeating shapes and colours, always fascinates.

My paintings begin with a loosely planned design over an abstract arrangement of textures and colours. The painting evolves through subsequent layers as I re-establish, correct or embellish the underlying marks. The refining continues until the result combines accuracy with atmosphere to convey my experience of the encounter, ideally leading the viewer to recognise a shared experience or think, “I wish I’d seen that”.

I’m based in Gloucestershire, but exhibit nationally as well as locally. Solo and group exhibitions include the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, the Society of Wildlife Artists, The Cheng-Kim Loke Gallery and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art. My work is held in collections as far afield as South Africa, Trinidad and Australia, and I am the author and main illustrator of The Wildlife Artist’s Handbook.