Olivia English

Olivia English

Olivia is an emerging artist, working primarily in oil.  She often employs bold colours and emotive tableaux in a post-impressionistic manner, drawing upon the natural elements of the coast where she lives.

Having suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage and undergoing surgery in late 2015, Olivia received two years of therapies and was encouraged by her neurological rehabilitation professionals to take up painting for the first time to aid with cognitive processing in a non-stressful way.

Olivia embraces the peaceful solitude she finds in painting whilst her artworks have given her a sense of purpose.

Olivia will donate a further 25% of sales within the Lloyds forum to ‘Headway’ the Brain Trauma Charity who helped enormously with her rehabilitation.

Her work is exhibited within private collections in London, Dublin, Perth Australia, Surrey and Manningtree England.


Informal classes at The Bank Studio’s, Harwich Old Town.

One day workshops with Melanie Cambridge, Geoff Thorpe, Chris Forsey and Hashim Akib.

Email: o.english68@btinternet.com

Phone: 07949 046649