Matt Cocklin LRPS

At the age of 11 my father dragged me into the darkroom and what I saw was nothing short of a miracle. I was completely amazed how a white piece of paper was dipped in a translucent liquid and a picture appeared. From that moment my interest in photography was ignited.
The very same year, yes you've guessed it. I received my very first camera for Christmas, a camera I still have today, a Kodak 126 film camera.
Over the years I have owned a variety of cameras. As my knowledge and skill developed through college training, and my pocket allowed, I progressed from a variety of film cameras to the more sophisticated modern day digitals, each one being more technical than its predecessor, finally settling at this present time, with a Canon 1D Mark 4.
I also have a Nikon and a Leica but favour my Canon because of its sharpness and the colour rendition, allowing versatility for the range of subjects I photograph from weddings, landscapes to wildlife.
My photographs have been published in various magazines including Kent Life, Practical Photography, Amateur Photographer and the trade journal Raw News. I obtained my Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) in summer 2012.



Phone: 020 8856 7923/07711 893957