Wilfred Chin

Wilfred Chin

Lines, lights and life are what I love to shoot. More than just capturing the scene or object in front of the lens, photography allows me to convey the mood and perspective of what I feel to the viewer.

 My father introduced me to photography; he used an old Minolta and back in the day printed slides to project on the wall. I have him to thank for giving me my first serious camera, the Nikon D70. These days I use a Nikon D7100 with a variety of wide angle, zoom and prime lenses.

 I have been shooting since 2004, covering mainly landscapes such as Cappadocia's moon-like terrain, cityscapes in London, New York, Paris and wherever I have the opportunity to travel to, and wildlife - such as elephants in Kenya, hummingbirds in Ecuador or iguanas in the Galapagos. Occasionally, it also brings me great joy to take portraits for my friends at their weddings.

 Recently I have been experimenting with long exposures and time lapses to paint with light - I like to think of the viewfinder as my canvas.


Email: chinwilfred@gmail.com

Phone: 07738 114335

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