Lynne Bingham

Lynne Bingham

Since graduating from Brighton University in 2005 I have worked in a studio in St. Leonard’s on Sea and have exhibited widely. My specialism has been multi-disciplinary practice. My work ranges from small to large: abstract to the absurd: from tiny people inhabiting strange worlds to large sculptures and installations. I largely work in 3D using non-traditional materials but I also like to return to more traditional drawings.

 My assemblages are a tongue-in-cheek look at our lives. We all bustle about thinking we are important but in the bigger picture we are, at most, tiny cogs. My altered books are a collection of objects that, in juxtaposition, reflect the theme, title or chapter heading of the book. They are also about the passing of time, the left hand side (the part we have read) represents the past and the part that is sealed because we cannot return to it. The right hand side is the future and this may contain glimpses of what that might be.


"There was a door to which I found no key"



Phone: 07711 599650