Kevin Barton-Hanson

Born in 1966, I live in Essex and have been in the insurance industry for over 33 years.
Art has always been a form of relaxation to me, allowing me escapism and a chance to lose myself in whatever I am painting, whilst listening to classical music.
I am self-taught and have had no formal art education other than art classes at secondary school.
I need to have an interest in my paintings and sometime get inspiration from my surroundings or other interests I have; if I am not interested it does not happen.
I have received good feedback from a local Yoga School where I have exhibited a few works based on Indian culture and Hindu gods, from Psychedelic Buddha’s to a 5Ft Ganesh painting.
I also enjoy painting old buildings and houses,  but also like life and creative pictures.
I need to use acrylic as it is easy to clean up and sometimes, when I get inspirational, it can get messy.