Gordon Aitcheson

Gordon Aitcheson was born in 1951 on Clydeside in Scotland where he grew up, but now lives in Wiltshire where he has his studio. His work in stone and bronze, primarily female figurative, has found favour with collectors in the UK, Europe and North America. Recently, he has also begun to offer a more affordable range of his sculptural work in stone composite. Like the prints of his much sought after his drawings and pastel paintings, his aim is to extend the appeal of his work to a wider audience. “I am instinctively a carver, working slowly using hand tools which have changed little since the Renaissance to gradually reveal the figure hidden within the stone block. The enjoyment of my sculpture is as much a tactile experience as a visual one, the contrast of textures inviting the viewer to physically engage with the forms and surfaces. This sensual quality is particularly evident in the rich, patinated forms of my bronze sculptures, often cast from my original carvings. These investment bronzes are available in strictly limited editions of only 6, or 9 for the smaller pieces. The subtle patina variations ensure that no two bronzes are ever exactly the same.